MED-T has two main project themes. These projects are dynamic and we expect them to change, update, morph, and evolve throughout the years. 

Below we present the currently active projects under each theme.



Tackles medical design projects from the perspective of an academic researcher. Under this premise, the objective of all project work done by this subteam is to design and develop novel medical technology and/or theoretical breakthroughs to further the knowledge base in the desired subfield of biomedical engineering. The objective is that students gain exposure to academic research, a variety of technical skills, and the potential opportunities that exist for students in graduate school.


In our upcoming inaugural year, the R&D subteam will be working to design and prototype a Cardiac Function Simulator (CFS) to replicate a patient's circulatory function based on clinical images and clinically measured data in the patient’s body. 



Tackles medical design projects from the perspective of commercialized engineering startup designer. This means that all project oversight, budgeting, medical standard constraints, designing, and construction will be managed by our student subteam as though they were a startup. Distinctly from our R&D subteam, products developed by this subteam will adhere to the financial, legislative, and user constraints that would challenge designers in an industrial setting. The objective is for students to gain an understanding of the design process commercial medical products undergo for entrepreneurial ventures in the real world.

In our upcoming inaugural year, we will be working to design and prototype a low-cost EMG controlled trans.radial forearm to hand prosthetic. This project will be conducted under the supervision of a singular student team lead, and under MED-T’s Technical Vice Presidents.